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By Cora Basada:

A stroll, a jog, or a joyride on concrete along the three-kilometer stretch from Borongan Detour Bridge to Sabang South’s fishport may soon well become a reality.

Borongan may soon see and enjoy a continuous four-lane concrete boulevard from Loom River down to the old Borongan settlement (Sabang) by the Guiborongani (Borongan River). The unpaved avenue the Koreans helped construct back in the 80’s that served as a diversion road during the asphalting of the Borongan-Taft Highway is now being cleared in preparation for rehabilitation and/or concreting.

For years, the Sabang side of the boulevard was bumpy and unpaved. It has also remained impassable due to a damaged culvert that divided the boulevard in two.

Recently, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has granted funding for the construction of a fishport and cold storage in Sabang South. BFAR requires accessibility to the said structure; and what better counterpart from the local government than to continue Baybay Boulevard as access and in the process, provide an alternate route to the city proper.

The damaged pipe culvert at the back of the Antonio Ravilas residence has now been repaired and converted to a sturdier box culvert, and the clearing and widening operations continue.