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Kuratsa and Money

The Kuratsa is a dance that mimics the courtship between rooster and hen and involves much flailing and chasing, as the fowls are wont to do. All important occasions have a Kuratsa or several. The denouement comes when the "rooster" brags away with outstretched "wings" and playfully chases the "hen" around the court--with matching crescendo of the music. People would then throw money bills to the dancing couple in appreciation. 

Many a project have been incubated and hatched through the Kuratsa, from churches to basketball courts. 

Mayor Boco C Daniel on his kuratsa number w/ the 
Hermana Mayor at Brgy. Bacayawan, Llorente E. Samar..
Total Proceeds of the Vesper Dance:::


Video Credit: Dondon Bormate