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Mini Boracay in Eastern Samar

Mini Boracay
By: Czarina Rose B.

Introducing the mini-BORACAY of Eastern Samar, Pad 4! Haha

The newly developed/developing resort of my aunt located just meters away from the bridge of Sulangan where you can stay over-night with an affordable price IS WORTH STAYING FOR A VACAY! ;)

And don't forget that there's a restau of my lola (Ocean view Restaurant) near the church if you're looking for delicious and affordable seafoods. Yumyumyum ^^

Contact person: Vangie Bagon Bandoy
09554190743/ 09267128895
Where is this located?
- Sulangan, Guiuan Eastern Samar
What is the name of the resort?
- Pad 4
How to get there?
- Go to Guiuan Proper, there's a jeep/multicab to Sulangan about half an hour. Just before arriving to Sulangan Bridge, there's that pathway to Pad 4. People will take you there. ask ka nalang sa kanila hahaha since wala pang signage kasi bago pa. haha.
How much will you spend for this resort?
- Since developing palang ang resort, 500 lang ang cottage. pag overnight naman, 1500 including na ang higaan sa taas ng cottage. hihi.
Good for 6 excess 100/pax
check in 12nn-12nn for 1 day

P.S., volleyball players will love it here ;)